PMI Index

The Purchasing Managers’ Index shows signs of a possible economic halt. Is it a good time to invest in real estate? Will the Spanish real estate sector reaching its highest point? Is another economic crisis or recession imminent? Should you wait a couple of months to buy a home? These are the questions asked by...

Young adults: a joint solution

Although it may not seem like it, as a student or young professional, finding an apartment nearly becomes an impossible mission. 45% of students claim to have had difficulties finding an apartment and 39% ends up paying more than they should. During the last couple of years, the amount of online websites for real estate...

Do you qualify for a mortgage?

In July 2017, 35.307 mortgages were registered for houses registered property records. According to the INE, the Spanish mortgage market continues to make progress both with the average amount of loans that rose since April 2018 and with borrowed capital that increased 17%, as indicated in the graph and table below.

How much does it actually cost to buy a house?

When trying to buy a home, you must evaluate all the costs it will include. Depending on these costs, you will be able to determine whether or not your purchase will prove to be a good investment. You can divide the house purchase costs in three categories: Registry and Notary Fees Taxes Mortgage costs  

Macroeconomics Datas

In the last two quarters of 2008, the Spanish GDP suffered a slight downgrade. The Spanish economy could cross a small pause and not increase the growth expectations that the various international organisms and financial institutions estimated. The following graphic shows the evolution of the Spanish GDP.

The new trend of renting 2.0

During the last years the activity of rental apartment has gained ground in the Spanish territory due to the fact that Spain has been consolidating as one of the main tourist destinations in the world, being the third most visited country in 2017 in agreement with The World Tourist Organization (UNWTO) positioning itself behind the...

Prospetc of Spanish Market

After some arduous years, Spain began its economic recovery in 2014, which took place in the main Spanish capitals and soon extended to other cities. In the last four years the economic revival has led to an increase in foreign investment and a facilitated access to finance for Spanish people. It gave rise to possible...