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VLC Invest is a real estate investment advising company, founded with the objective to develop new opportunities in Spain, more specifically, in Valencia. Throughout the years, VLC Invest has gained greater experience in Management, Administration and Support required for investments such as Garages, Home Living, Locales, and Offices. We are a team made up of members with decades of experience in this sector. What differentiates us from other companies is the undivided attention we reserve for each and all of our clients. We offer efficient and personalized solutions so that our clients can achieve and surpass their initial investment objectives.

We attract foreign equity


All solutions VLC Invest offers its clients are the result of a thorough investigation of the Spanish real estate market. We work with real-time data attained from our daily monitoring of this sector. We focus on the city of Valencia, as it is viewed as one of the focal touristic cities in Europe, vastly visited due to its tourist attractions, its traditions, its climate, and lastly its culture. These aspects have allowed Valencia to be adequate to multiple investment opportunities, and thus continue to grow.


VLC Invest not only advises third parties in the search for investment opportunities, but the company also carries out its own investments. The company invests its own or its associates’ capital in assets located within the Iberian Peninsula. As such, the company manages its own patrimony, in addition to advising in:

  • Personalized Investment searches
  • Financial advising
  • Investment input
  • Branding and Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Exit Strategies


All news and updates on the real estate sector

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